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What colour ukulele would a hipster get?

Category: Fashion & Accessories
Date: 2011-12-21 11:16:58

I'm getting my friend a ukulele for her birthday and I really want it to be special- she's really hipster and I want the ukulele to reflect that, but I have no idea what colour a hipster would want? Thanks


anything that hasn't been invented yet, unfortunately. however, since you can't wait that long get the first one you come across, she won't care. it's a motherflipping ukelele, only a handful of other people will even have one in the first place. plus, if she'll probably be really thankful and appreciative of your thoughtfulness. if not smack her and yell "devil child, Devil Child!!" (anyone know what movie that one's from? ;D)

What do you think of this ukulele?

Category: Other - Beauty & Style
Date: 2010-11-11 17:32:55 I think it's beautiful. I really like the tattooed design, does anyone know of any other tattooed ukes with good tone and quality?


OMG super amazing

How do I look and how does my friend look?

Category: Other - Beauty & Style
Date: 2012-10-02 02:44:33

Go on youtube and type in for a channel: (willfigureitout) its me on ukulele and him on guitar BE HONEST!


I like the ukulele, nice tenor

QUICK! whats something my little bro can bring into show and tell that starts with U?

Category: Other - Beauty & Style
Date: 2008-04-01 00:06:01

cant be ugly, unicorn,unibrow ha, unicycle,umbrella..what else?!


ukulele uncle university t-shirt/ hat/ souveneer like the university of hawaii ugly duckling something from utah unicycle underarm (aka armpit) undershirt under wear underground railroad uniform (like his baseball or basketball uniform for a team he's been on) something from the united kingdom or united states universe something thats unrealistic untangle (he could tie himself up and then untangle himself) unwind (like a happy meal toy that winds and then when you leg go it unwinds and moves) Unzip (his jacket or something) package from the UPS

What retail store has the sexiest advertising for the holiday season?

Category: Fashion & Accessories
Date: 2010-12-14 21:21:49

Just wondering what advertising people found the sexiest this holiday season. Did the half naked males dominate this year with Abercrombies shirtless greeters, what about the shirtless guys on the old navy ads. Or are the females always better sex symbols like in the victoria secret advertising?


G-string Ukulele..."please insert here"

will my music class laugh if...?

Category: Fashion & Accessories
Date: 2009-12-18 22:12:53

for my solo performance i play the ukelele and sing 'your biggest fan' by nevershoutnever. i like it, but i dunno... thanks


The song is beautiful. Only play ukulele if that's what you really want too. If others laugh, don't listen to them. Pay no attention and they will forget.

Tattoo Idea for a friend?

Category: Tattoos
Date: 2010-02-23 01:19:16

My friend wants to get a tattoo when he's older. He wants some ideas. He wants it music related, and he plays cello. Any ideas?

ACCEPTED ANSWER: good luck :)

what will my contact lens test at specsavers be like?

Category: Other - Beauty & Style
Date: 2012-02-13 22:56:01


-- There's the juggling test - you have to juggle at least 3 glass bottle for 20 seconds. -- Then, you have to play the ukulele - they really prefer if you know "Tiptoe through the Tulips", so brush up on it.

Guide To Being Indie?

Category: Other - Beauty & Style
Date: 2011-04-24 23:56:19

Hi Guys, I want desperatley to be indie!!! I don't want to come off as a pathetic poser or anything it's just i really want to be indie and no one ever showed me how. 1.What type of clothes do I wear? 2.Can you name some bands I should listen to? 3.What should my hair look like? 4.Where should I hang out? 5.Where should I buy everything? 6.Should I wear makeup? etc. i live in Toronto.


1. clothes? too mainstream. burlap sack 2. bands? too mainstream. make your own music. on a ukulele 3. hair? too mainstream. shave it. 4. parks? too mainstream. in a back ally 5. clothing stores? too mainstream. garage sales, thrift shops. I do know this good store, but you've probably never heard of it. 6. makeup from a store is too mainstream. buy from a local make up maker.

What do you think about this hat?

Category: Fashion & Accessories
Date: 2008-10-06 03:06:29

In Black:,-product.startDate&navCount=69&navAction=poppushpush&color=


Katie J, Cool. It'd go well with my Applause UAE20-5EB,, or my Does it match yours? How you doin' with your uke anyway? With a hat like that, how could you go wrong? Go for it. CowUkeA

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